PACE for Contractors and Service Providers

If you are a contractor, energy service company, or technical expert in mechanical systems, solar installation, architecture or design, DC PACE can help you meet your client’s needs through our Registered Contractor program.

DC PACE is available to provide 100% financing for energy and water-saving upgrades, at affordable long-term fixed interest rates, for properties within the District of Columbia. DC PACE helps developers, owners, and managers maximize project financial performance by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

PACE financing offers many benefits over conventional financing, including:

  • 100% financing for project costs, including soft costs like energy audits and engineering
  • Utility savings that exceed monthly debt-service payments to improve cash flows and net operating income on day one Enhanced asset value through improved cash flows and more efficient operations
  • Up to 20 year amortization at fixed rates, to enable deeper retrofits and reduce monthly costs for building owners
  • Repayment through a tax assessment that transfers with the property title and is not tied to the borrower
  • Simpler and more transparent projects through comprehensive energy modeling and independent engineering validation to ensure that energy savings are realized

Contractors can register with the DC PACE program to help manage energy retrofit projects according to PACE underwriting standards, and support DC PACE financing applications. See our list of registered contractors here.

Resources for Contractors and Service Providers 

  1. DC PACE client Application Process
  2. Apply to be a DC PACE Registered Contractor
  3. Request cobranded DC PACE marketing material 
  4. See our list of other registered contractors



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