EW Stokes Public Charter School

PACE financing for the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in the Brookland neighborhood is using savings from utility bills and operational expenses to allow the school to pay for $1.6 million in improvements to their facilities.

This green building project, developed by the local energy services provider ThinkBox Group, will result in capital improvements and infrastructure upgrades to mechanical equipment, energy and water conservation measures, and the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of the school.  The project also received $198,000 in efficiency incentives from the DCSEU.  

“Several years ago our Board of Trustees decided that the time had come to begin much-needed facility upgrades,” said Erika Bryant, Executive Director of Elsie Whitlow Stokes Charter School.  “Thanks to ThinkBox, Urban Ingenuity, and the DC PACE program, the Stokes School has begun to make these improvements and the whole school community is thrilled about being in a more comfortable learning environment.  Another benefit of this work is the opportunity it will afford students to gain first-hand knowledge about energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.  Our students will learn yet another way to demonstrate Stokes’ three school rules:  ‘To take care of ourselves, others, and our community.’”

Download a factsheet about this project here.

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