Financial Solutions

Commercially available financing for building improvements and clean energy projects often don’t meet the needs of community-based developers, non-profit organizations, and housing providers. The inability to secure well-structured, attractive capital is a common reason that good projects don’t get built.

With deep expertise in the tools of public-private finance and other innovative capital strategies, Urban Ingenuity sources and structures capital to meet the needs of our community partners. From long-term debt and tax-exempt structures for energy efficiency projects, to tax equity and sponsor investments for solar PV, Urban Ingenuity can leverage a network of partners to secure financing that meets the unique needs of energy projects. We work on capital structuring across our practice areas: solar PV installations, Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing, and clean energy microgrids.

Solar PV installations and district energy systems often require multiple layers of financing, including construction debt, long-term financing, tax equity, and sponsor investment. Urban Ingenuity has structured the $XXM in financing for solar PV and district energy projects, working with a range of partners from local and national banks to specialty energy investors. Learn more about the financial services that Urban Ingenuity provides to property owners, community organizations, and project developers in the solar PV and district energy sectors.

C-PACE is a long-term, property-based mechanism for funding energy retrofits, building improvements, and other capital upgrades. UI served as an advisor to the District of Columbia and DC Green Bank, Urban Ingenuity developed and launched the DC PACE program and served as the program administrator during its early years, closing more than $85M in financing for DC property owners before transitioning the established program to the District’s new Green Bank. As program administrator, Urban Ingenuity structured the first use of C-PACE for affordable housing, the first use of tax-exempt C-PACE financing, and the first stadium project. . Urban Ingenuity continues to leverage its expertise in C-PACE financing to structure PACE financing especially for clients not well-served by existing C-PACE providers or non-traditional projects.

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